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Here is a list of the upcoming Pro-Sections and Disections. If you have any questions please email us at info@somaticexplorations.com.

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Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Lab has
been forced to close to flatten the curve.
We are planning on commencing classes on
May 12th.
Because of the universal precations & PPE that are
typically utilized in the Lab, small class size and the fact
there is no contact between participants we feel
that we can conduct classes safely.
Adding to the usual precautions, ALL participants will don
face masks and gloves immediately upon entry to the building.
Breaks and lunch will not be held in the building.
Participants will be asked to leave and social distance in
their vehicles.
12-May-20Head / Neck / Brain **
19-May-20Hip / Lower Extremity
23-May-20Post Lower Cervical / Full Back
30-May-20Shoulder Girdle / Upper Extremity
09-Jun-20Hip / Lower Extremity
14-Jun-20Post Lower Cervical / Full Back
** Prerequisite of one other class in the Lab before attending